Sunday, May 15, 2011

Makayle & Brent's {Engagements}

First off let me just say this was such a fun shoot! These two are so much fun and so in love =] Right from the beginning they were so comfortable together and had so much fun with the shoot!  They bought these adorable vintage suitcase that I love and wish we owned...we have been looking around for some and no luck. Makayle's friend's grandfather let her borrow them for the shoot and let me just say they added so much to the photos. The locations we went too were great and had so much to work with, not to mention perfect weather! One of the best engagements yet! We're so excited to work with them up until the wedding day! Makayle is just beautiful which you can see in their photos! She is going to be such an amazing bridal and I'm so excited I get to do her bridals soon! Stay in tune for Makayle's bridals and their wedding!!! =]

{my personal favorite.}

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