Sunday, January 30, 2011

Valerie & Mauricio's Wedding 1.28.11

Valerie and Mauricio were a very happy couple! It was a pleaseure to meet them, and share part of their wonderful day! The day started at the Draper LDS Temple. Their family was there are were a fun bunch of people! After the Temple, and later that night we joined them at their reception! It was a great day for us and a great day for Valerie and Mauricio, most of all!!

Bride, Groom and his parents.
All the guys! 

He couldn't stop smiling....we don't blame him!
Once again it was a pleasure to share in this wonderful family union. They were TONS of fun, and we really were blessed to be part of this day!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lori-Ann & Andrew

Lori-Ann and Andrew are perfect couple. You can just tell when two people are made for each other! These two fellow Californians, are ready for marriage and I am so happy for them both. We did our photo shoot at the train yard, and found some fun backgrounds and some fun poses!


I love the sun, and their smiles!

They made this building look good!

Lori-Ann and Andrew we wish you the best, with your upcoming wedding, and life to come! It was a pleasure to get to know you two! Thanks!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Will and Lillian are getting married in August. Will is a good friend of my husband's from their time in Hawaii, so taking their pictures was tons of fun! Will said, "I have never taken engagements pictures before so just tell me what to do." Haha we didn't have to do that! They both have that amazing in-love glow to them. 

You both look amazing! Come back to Utah soon!

Jordan's Photo-Shoot

It was such a fun time shooting Jordan! She was such a natural and made my job easy.

Thanks Jordan it was a blast!

Mr. & Mrs. Yorgason 1.15.11

Nicole and Ivan! I don't even know where to start! I guess it started at Nicole's bridal shoot last week! That was so much fun that this whole week all I could think about was their wedding. It was so much fun! You could tell that they were so happy and knew that they made the right choice. The whole event was so much fun, and their families were such great supporters! I loved every moment of this, and as the pictures can tell, so did they!

Our first glimpse of Mr. & Mrs. Yorgason

The whole gang!!!

Dang kids these days! haha I LOVE THIS PICTURE!!!


What a great place to get married!

Ya...he knows he is lucky!

Love the rings!

Such a beautiful bouquet!!!

Happily Ever After!


What a wonderful day! Thank you Nicole and Ivan for letting us be part of your amazing day! It was such a blessing being part of their wedding!