Saturday, January 8, 2011

Nicole's Bridal Sneak Preview =)

There isn't a girl in the world that doesn't just glow in her wedding dress. Well Nicole did just that and more! What a beautiful bride! She was a trooper for sure! The shoot started out at a blazing 10 degrees, and never warmed to over 28 degrees, yet she plowed her way through the snow! She was such a natural! The smile just came naturally, every picture was perfect. I took hundreds of pictures and they were all perfect! She made my job so easy! It made me wish that i got married in the winter! Thank you Nicole for a wonderful day! Your fiance is a lucky guy! Can't wait for saturday, and the opportunity to photography your big day! Ahhh it is so exciting. I love being able to capture such amazing moments in peoples lives!

 Look...i told you she was glowing!!!

I love love love this dress!

Your fiance did well!!!

 Walking in a Winter Wonderland

You make this dress look GOOD!

Two of God's most beautiful creations, Nicole and snowy rivers!

Love the cowgirl look!

It was such a joy taking pictures of such and amazing bride! Thank you Nicole, and i can't wait for Saturday!!!

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